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        Snow Foam Lanceimg
Profesionální zpěňovač.

SNOW FOAM LANCE is a professional foamer used with ACTIVE SHAMPOO 3000 to form and apply thick, wet foam. Rich foaming ensures the foam’s adhesion to any surface. With the appropriate adapter, SNOW FOAM LANCE can be attached to high-pressure spray guns of most power washer manufacturers. Thanks to high foaming performance and low weight, it can be used to apply foam not only on personal and commercial vehicles but also on motorcycles, agriculture, construction or gardening machinery and more. Variable setting of spraying width helps achieve high application performance.

  • High foaming performance with ACTIVE SHAMPOO 3000.
  • Solid brass body of the foamer.
  • Highly durable stainless injector and foam nozzle.
  • Extra strong HDPE bottle, 1000 ml volume.
  • Low weight.
  • Easy connection to a hand held high-pressure spray gun.
Наименование Складов код Опаковка Обем Позиция
Snow Foam Lance SFL Box 1 pc R 34150