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100% Cotton Face Mask
2K Caulking Piston Gun
2K Disperse Gun
2K Epoxy Metal Stick
2K Epoxy Primer
32pcs Bit Set
360 Degree Nozzle
82pcs Set
Ace Cleaner
Active Shampoo 3000
Advanced Foam Masking Tape
Aerosol Gun
Air Blow Gun
Air Con Cleaner
Air Con Cleaner LIQUID
Air Con Injection Gun
Air Con Pressure Adapter
Air Con Rapid
Air Gun Long
Air Gun UP
AL Spray
Alu Cleaner
Anti-rodent spray
Antistatic Spray Wax
Application Set
Auto Grease
Belt Dressing
Belt Repair System
Black Matt & Gloss Spray
Blazer Torch
Blow Jet
Blue Star Paper Roll
Braided Wire
Brake Cleaner
Brake Cleaner 2
Brake Cleaner 500
Brush Ceramic
Butyl Tape Grey
Butyl Windshield Tape
Cable Protection Tape
Calc Remover
Calc Remover
Car Wash Drying Wax
CaS Grease
Ceramic Paste
CH Anchor
Chain Lube
Chain Lube High Pressure
Cleaner 600
Clear Touch
Coating Foil
Coating Foil Aquafit
Coating Foil Knife
Connective Part Fast
Connective Part SN
Copper Grease
Copper Spray
Cutter Blade
Cutting Wheels
Cyano Activator
Dashboard Protection
De-Icer Blue
Deep Shine
Diesel One Shot
Digital Caliper
Door Skin Replacement Foam
DPF Cleaner
Drain Release Agent Strong
Dry Graphite Nano
Dry Lube
E.S. Easy Seal
Easy B-Clean
Easy Ca Glue Uni
Easy E.S. Easy Seal
Easy Locking Bearing
Easy Locking Screw
Easy Multi Spray
Easy Rusty Oil
Easy Super Lube
Electric Cleaner
Electric Gun 10.8V
Epoxy Metal Paste
Epoxy Primer Spray
Fade Out Thinner
Feathering Brush
Filler Spreader
Final Care Olive
Fine Cleaner
Fire Stop
Flat Orange Masking Tape
Foam Cleaner
Foam Cleaner 2
Foam Cleaner 2
Food Grease
Fuel Cleaner
Galva Spray
Gasket Producer
Gasket Stripper
Gel Superglue
Glass Clean
Glass Clean
Glass Lifters
Glue Spray
Grease Gun
Grinding Wheels
Guide Nozzle
H1-PTFE Lube
Hand Green Cleaner
Hand Gun
Hand Orange Cleaner
Hand Protect
Hand Wipes
Headlight Restoring Kit
Heavy Duty Stretch Tape
High Gloss Clear
Holder on Floor
Holder on Wall
HP Gun
HT Ratchet
HV Grease
I.C. Cleaner 2
Ice Destroyer
Impregnation Expert
Inox Cleaner
Inox Spray
Inspection Lamp
Integral Kit 4in1
Interior Cleaner
Leak Finder
Logo Tape
LS Filler
Masking Tape
Metallic Filler
Metallised Epoxy New
MG Activator
Micro Diamond Royal Blue
Microfibre Cloth
Microfibre Cloth Blue
Microfibre Cloth Super Soft 800gms
MMA Adhesive
Moulding Tape
Moulding Tape Black
Moulding Tool
MS Clean
Multi Cleaner
Multi Cleaner Strong
Multi Defoamer
Multi Dressing
Multi Spray
Multifunctional Filler
Multifunctional Pliers
Music Wire
Music Wire Handles
Music Wire Lacing Tool
N.F. Contact Cleaner
Neon Top Colour
No Edge Blending Tape
Non Woven Wipes
NSP - Finger Textured
NSP - Fully Textured
NSP - Orange Crystal
Optic Cleaner
Orange Fine Line Tape
Organizer Rack 12 Pcs
Outlet Tap
PAG Gun Kit
Paper Wipes - Roll
Paper Wipes Blue 3V
Perforated Trim Masking Tape
Petrol One Shot
PIB Tape
Pipe Sealant
Piston Air Gun
Plastic Dressing
Plastic Filler
PM Dispenser Gun
Polyfix Primer
Polyfix R
Polyfix R 575
Power Cleaner
Power Fresh
PP/PA Primer
Precision Screwdriver
Premium Universal Oil
Pressure Disperser New
Primer Brush
Profi Bit
Profi Gloves
Profi Gloves Anticut
Progun NEW
PU FIX Brush
PU FIX Professional 1
PU FIX Professional 3
PU Foam Cleaner
PU Foam Fast
PU Gun - P
Quick Filler
Quick Metal
Quick OFF
Quick Wrap
Radiator Air Lift 2
Radiator Oil Emulsifier
Ratchet Screwdriver
Replace. Cut Out Blades II
Rubber Protection
Rust Convertor
Rusty Oil
Screen Wash
Screen Wash Winter
Screenbond 2/5
Screenbond 3
Sealer on Roll
Sensitive Surface Cleaner
Set Organizer Spanner
Shoe & General Disinfectant
Sil Gasket Black Neutral
Silicon Uni
Silicone Grease
Silicone Grease
Silicone Oil
Smart Gauge
Smart LED Set
Snap-off Knife
Snow Foam Lance
Sorbent Star
Sound Deadening Pads
Spare Fibre
Spare String
Spot Clear
Spray Final Wax
Spray Out Card
Steering Wheel Cover
Stepped Drill
Stone Guard Black
Stretch & Fuse Tape
Super Glue Pen
Super Lube
Super Oil
Super Oil
Supertack Tape
Syphon Gun
Syphon Gun Applicator ET
Tea Tree Desinfectant
Technobond Spatula
Technoseal 3
Thermo Seal
Thermo Seal Clear
Top Cut
Top Gasket
Top Gasket Black
Top Grip
Torque Wrench
Traffic Film Remover
Twist Drill Top-5
Twist Drill TOP-Q
Tyre Dressing
U-Care Set
U.C. Undercoating
Ultra Record
Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
Universal A/C System Dye
Upholstery Cleaner
UV Neo Light
UV R12 Adapter
V-Cut nozzle
Vent Air Freshener
Waterproof Tape
Wax Amber
Wax Undercoating
Waxin Transparent
Weld Protect
Welding Gloves eXTream
Wide Windscreen Stand
Windscreen Cut Out Knife
Windscreen Cut Out Knife II
Windscreen Removal Set
Windscreen Repair Kit
Winter Set
Working Gloves
Working Gloves Black
Working Gloves Nitril Grey
ZN Spray
        Belt Repair Systemimg
Material designed to repair damaged belts, conveyor belts and other rubber surfaces.
  • Two components (base 500 g + activator 250 g)
  • Can be used on wet surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to rubber surfaces
  • Long-lasting repairs thanks to great flexibility
  • No tools needed, only a knife and blazer torch
  • Easy preparation, use anywhere and anytime
  • Can be used for all types of conveyor belts
  • Very fast repairs
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