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Very efficient and clean solvent for cleaning and degreasing varied surfaces.
  • Fast effecting, removes seals, asphalt, oil, waxes, silicone...
  • Dissolving residues from glues
  • Doesn't leave oil film and also doesn't attract dust and dirt
  • Suitable for painted surfaces; can be applied upon any painted or non painted surface without the danger of forming maps or corroding the surface
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Autoclean ACL Spray 500 ml R 34707
Autoclean ACL1L Canister 1 l R 34708
Autoclean ACL5L Canister 5 l R 34709
Autoclean ACL10L Canister 10 l R 34710
Safety data sheet - Spray pdf
Safety data sheet - Canister pdf