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        Multi Cleanerimg
A water based multi functional cleaner applied to textiles and metals. Cleans and refines all types of vinyl, plastics and hard rubber, recovering the natural appearance of the treated material.
  • Efficient both with cast and panel wheel rims
  • Gives a natural colour to plastic bumpers
  • Excellent for the exteriors of caravans
  • Not suitable for automobile glass
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Multi Cleaner MCL 1L Bottle 1 l R 34221
Multi Cleaner MCL 5L Canister 5 l R 34222
Multi Cleaner MCL 10L Canister 10 l R 34223
Multi Cleaner MCL 25L Canister 25 l R 34224
Multi Cleaner MCL 210L Barrel 210 l R 34225
Safety data sheet pdf