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        I.C. Cleaner 2img
A cleaner for injection devices and carburettors, combining a very high pres- sure spray allowing for excellent cleaning capacity and fast drying. It eliminates sediments, smears and oils. After application the product burns out complete- ly, without leaving any impurities. It cleans the throttle valves and other parts of the carburettor, drawbars and pistons of the starting devices, heads of injec- tion nozzles and the flaps for the air supply into injection devices.
  • Pinpoint spray
  • Dries quickly, not leaving any oil film
  • Fast acting
  • Cools down the coils of the automatic starting devices
  • Doesn't harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • Can be applied to petrol injection systems and carburettors
  • Doesn't contain Ammonia
  • Suitable for cleaning the EGR valves (valves for recycling the exhaust gases back into the suction piping)
  • Cleans injection nozzles of petrol engines
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
I.C. Cleaner 2 RIC2 Spray 500 ml R 50201
Safety data sheet pdf