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        Industrial Soot Removerimg
Professional soot and scorch remover.

RETECH Industrial Soot Remover is a non-flammable extra powerful cleaning product for fast and very effective soot and scorch remover from glass, stainless steel, cast iron, iron, ceramic and other non-porous surfaces. RETECH Industrial Soot Remover is also very effective for removing organic deposits, grease, oils, scorches, dust and more. It is also suitable for industrial use, such as cleaning of solid fuel boilers and stoves, flues, combustible appliances etc. In auto industry it is suitable for cleaning exhaust systems, especially in cars and agricultural machinery with diesel engines, exhaust tail pieces and other smoke-exposed surfaces. It can also be applied for cleaning glass and doors of fireplaces, stoves, grills, roast ovens, ceramic tiles and so on.
  • extra powerful cleaning effect
  • foam consistency with deep clean properties
  • does not trickle down from vertical surfaces
  • biodegradable
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Industrial Soot Remover ISR Bottle 750 ml 1 36417
Safety data sheet pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf