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        Grinding Wheelsimg
Grinding wheels for medium to high power angle grinders.

GRINDING WHEELS are used for medium to high power angle grinders and provide the perfect grinding performance. They are suitable for high-stress work and offer high grinding quality and stability, e.g. during pipe grinding. GRINDING WHEELS are excellent for removing burrs in common types of iron and steel while guaranteeing maximum quality and durability. They are especially suitable for grinding of profile plates or rebar and iron structures. They can also generally be used for surface grinding, rust and burr removal, grinding of welds or corner and burr grinding after iron foundry operations. Perfect grinding performance and durability when used on steel.
Recommended materials: steel, tool steel, high-tensile structural steel, mild steel, cast iron

  • High durability
  • Mixture of finely-shaped, high-hardness grains
  • Long lifespan
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Grinding Wheels 230 mm GW230 1 pc Ø 230 mm 1 72005
Grinding Wheels 150 mm GW150 1 pc Ø 150 mm 1 72006
Grinding Wheels 115 mm GW115 1 pc Ø 115 mm 1 72007
Grinding Wheels 125 mm GW125 1 pc Ø 125 mm 1 72008
Technical Data Sheet pdf