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Ceramic Flap Disc.

CeraMax flap discs with ceramic abrasive are used in all industries for weld grinding, cast and surface cleaning, workpiece cleaning after rough working, surface preparation before coating, derusting, chamfering, surface grinding, etc.

Suitable for iron, stainless steel, aluminium grinding, as well as for old varnish, sealant and paint removal.

CeraMax wheels have high grinding power thanks to the ceramic abrasive used which helps to save the overall grinding time, does not burn the ground surface, and minimizes fraying. The tapered wheel shape also makes angled and inaccessible surface grinding easier.

  • Lamella surface from ceramic abrasive
  • High grinding power
  • High number of lamellae
  • High durability thanks to wide lamellae
  • Tapered wheel shape
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
CeraMax 60 CE6 1 pc Ø 125 mm 1 73000
CeraMax 80 CE8 1 pc Ø 125 mm 1 73001
CeraMax 120 CE12 1 pc Ø 125 mm 1 73002
Technical Data Sheet pdf