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Rechargeable multipurpose LED head lamp.

SuperBeam is a professional rechargeable multi-function LED head lamp, which is used mainly in car repair and industry for carrying out inspection, maintenance and repair works. Due to its high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical resistance, the torch is suitable for heavy duty operations both indoors and outdoors. After removing from the head strap, SuperBeam can be snapped to any ferromagnetic surface thanks to the strong magnet at the end of the torch, alternatively it can be slipped onto a pocket thanks to the adjustable clip and the required direction of lighting can be set. The torch can be turned on by successively pressing the button for 100% /30% /strobe effect /off.

  • Flexible lighting angle setting on a head strap
  • Innovative head strap with the possibility of removing the torch
  • Strong magnet and adjustable stainless steel clip on the body of the torch
  • High intensity LED
  • Two lighting intensity settings + strobe effect
  • Charging via an USB-C connector
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
SuperBeam SUB Blister 1 pc R 34440
Technical Data Sheet pdf