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        Snap-off Knifeimg
Professional snap-off knife.

RETECH Snap-off Knife is a professional snap-off knife of robust construction, used especially for cutting paper, wood, cardboard, leather, plastics, foils, rubber, polycarbonates, asphalt shingles, asphalt strips and other materials. Its versatility can be utilised during assemblies, repair and maintenance, as well as when shaping materials or packing/unpacking. The anti-slip surface treatment of RETECH Snap-off Knife allows for easy and safe double-handed cutting, enabling to utilise maximum cutting force onto the surface.

  • Quality carbon steel blade
  • Anti-slip surface treatment
  • Integrated tightening screw for high safety control
  • Shaped handle for accurate guidance of the knife
  • Integrated cartridge, including 3 blades with automatic loading
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Snap-off Knife A122 Box 1 pc A122
Technical Data Sheet pdf