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        PU FIX Professional 1img
1K 60 min. PU adhesive for automotive glass.

PU FIX PROFESSIONAL 1 is a quick (1 hour), one component, humidity curing, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive for automotive glass. Cures to a highly elastic, durable and weather-resistant bonding material for direct glazing of automotive glass. The glazing process becomes easier and quicker with the use of PU Fix Professional 1 Primer, which is an integral part of the technological process.

  • Fast curing, very short drive away times (1 hour)
  • Crash test certificate TÜV SÜD - FMVSS 212/208
  • No odour
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
PU FIX Professional 1 - X-Primer XPR ALU bottle 30 ml R 34266
PU FIX Professional 1 - Cartridge PUFP1C Cartridge 310 ml R 34812C
PU FIX Professional 1 - Brush RPUFB 1 pcs - R 34816
PU FIX Professional 1 - Set PUFP1S Box Set R 34818
Safety data sheet pdf
Safety data sheet - primer pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf
Technical Data Sheet - Primer pdf