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        Filler 4:1img
2K acrylic primer filler for auto body and parts repair.

RETECH FILLER 4:1 (black, white) is a 2K acrylic primer filler used for auto body and parts repair (including plastic). The available colour combinations (black, white) allow the choice of the primer type most compatible with the final top coat colour of the vehicle or part. Drying time can be effectively regulated by using the appropriate type of hardener; RETECH HARDENER for standard primer drying time or RETECH HARDENER FAST for faster primer drying time.

The product is fully compatible with all commonly used types of top coat paints and varnishes.

  • high adhesiveness, excellent coverage efficiency
  • fast drying time, possible to "regulate"
  • easy to sand
Name Code Packing Size Item No.
Filler 4:1 black F4B Tin can 3,5 l L 10001
Filler 4:1 white F4W Tin can 3,5 l L 10002
Safety data sheet pdf