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        Masking Tapeimg
Masking tape.

RETECH Masking Tape is a professional masking tape used especially to cover automotive parts when applying paint. Industrial use includes covering parts and plugging openings before manual pneumatic varnishing of welds, workpieces and other machine parts. It can be used in construction when painting and line finishing.
The bearing layer of RETECH Masking Tape is made of smooth paper, carrying rubber resin based glue. The masking tape has high tensile strength, low elasticity and excellent initial adhesiveness. The tape can be easily applied in a radius and can be repeatadle moved into proper position before painting. It has high solvent and water resistance. It prevents paint and varnish leakage onto the masked surface.
RETECH Masking Tape is very easy to remove with no tears, it creates a sharp edge after removal and leaves no glue residue.

  • High temperature resistance
  • High solvent and water resistance
  • Prevents paint and varnish leakage
  • No glue residue after removing
  • Adhesiveness to a broad range of surfaces
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Masking Tape 19 mm - Set 14 pcs MT19S Box 14x 50 m 1 36524
Masking Tape 28 mm - Set 10 pcs MT28S Box 10x 50 m 1 36525
Masking Tape 48 mm - Set 6 pcs MT48S Box 6x 50 m 1 36527
Technical Data Sheet pdf