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Sprayable sealing product, easy to spread. Technoseal has been developed for body applications, in particular as a sprayable sealing agent for sealing the joints, transitions between individual parts, seams and similar places with the purpose of making them identical to the original look. Technoseal can also be applied as an alternative protecting spray coating for the bottoms of automobiles against abrasive factors; or as a sound insulant for hoods, roofs and luggage compartments. It can even be applied on wet surfaces.
  • MS Polymer
  • Safe application - it doesn't contain harmful isocyanates or solvents
  • Can be painted immediately after application
  • Application on both dry or wet surfaces
  • Extremely fast formation of the surface film
  • Allows for point welding immediately after application
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Technoseal RTS Cartouche 290 ml R 34904
Safety data sheet pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf