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        Power Freshimg
Highly concentrated air freshener / active odour neutraliser.

POWER FRESH are highly concentrated air fresheners (PFC, PFR, PFL, PFS) / active odour neutralisers (PFSA, PFFL). They are used for freshening / active odour neutralisation at public areas such as waiting rooms, hallways, restrooms etc. For enterprises, the product can be used mostly to freshen the air in offices, cloakrooms, changing rooms, workshops, commercial spaces etc. It can be also used to freshen the air in vehicles such as trains, buses, trams, cars etc.

  • High-speed nozzle ensuring immediate effect.
  • Six scents available.
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Power Fresh - Citrus PFC Spray 750 ml 1 34401
Power Fresh - Cranberry PFR Spray 750 ml 1 34402
Power Fresh - Spring PFS Spray 750 ml 1 34404
Power Fresh - Smoke Away PFSA Spray 750 ml 1 34405
Power Fresh - Fresh Linen PFFL Spray 750 ml 1 34406
Safety data sheet - neutraliser pdf
Safety data sheet pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf