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        H1-Silicone Oilimg
High-quality silicone lubricant of oily consistency, NSF/H1 registered.

H1-Silicone Oil is used as a protective lubricant for inaccessible areas of machines and other moving parts in food-related operations. It is also suitable for anti-corrosion and anti-moisture protection of electrical parts and connections. It forms a long-lasting protective film when applied to rubber or plastic. Reaches even inaccessible areas due to the oily consistency..

  • NSF H1 certified
  • Lubricates rubber, plastic, metal and wood
  • Excellent moisture protection
  • 360° valve
  • Temperature resistance -30 °C to +150 °C (short-term up to +250 °C)
Name Code Packing Size Item No.
H1-Silicone Oil H1SO Spray 400 ml 1 35673
Safety card pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf
NSF registration pdf