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Disposable protective hooded overall.

OVERAL is a universal antistatic protective suit with a hood. It protects from inadvertent impacts by solid particles, e.g. while grinding and metal finishing work, from flying dust while working in a dusty environment, from getting sprayed with liquid chemicals (e.g. thinners, paints, varnishes etc.), but also from mechanical soiling of clothes during repair and maintenance of vehicles or other machinery. A separate category is utilisation in paintshops - it is used for general protection during preparation and application of paints and varnishes. Sleeves are fitted with elastic bands to enhance the protective effect.

  • made from fully breathable fabric
  • antistatic and fray-resistant surface
Name Code Packing Size Item No.
Overal - L OVL PE Bag 1 Piece 1 35080L
Overal - XL OVXL PE Bag 1 Piece 1 35080XL
Overal - XXL OVXXL PE Bag 1 Piece 1 35080XXL