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        Metallised Epoxy Newimg
2K epoxy glue containing stainless steel fillers.

METALLISED EPOXY NEW is a universal 2K epoxy substance containing stainless steel fillers, used for heavy-duty repairs. It adheres well to metals, ceramic, concrete, stone and some hard plastics. It fills cavities and gaps. It is shape consistent and can be machined in regular ways (grinding, drilling, varnishing), which helps to achieve the perfect repair results. Due to its chemical and mechanical resistance, it is often sought in engineering and heavy industry for various material, machine and parts repairs.
The product is permanently magnetic.

  • simple mix ratio – 1:1
  • excellent adhesiveness to common surfaces
  • solid and firm consistency
  • excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
  • contains 60% stainless steel fillers
  • suitable for drilling, grinding and varnishing
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Metallised Epoxy New RME Double cartridge 25 ml (67,5 g) 1 35132
Safety data sheet Härter pdf
Safety data sheet Harz pdf