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A complete system for the repair of all kinds of plastics that are used in automobiles, including the required products and tools, and employing the latest urethane technology, allowing repairs of all types of plastic bumpers, grates, plastic or metallic connection clips, covers of rear-view mirrors etc. The system is supplied in a practical plastic carryall, with complete instructions on how to proceed.
  • Doesn't contain solvents
  • Fast hardening - complete repair ready in 45 minutes
  • Compatible with all painting systems used in automobile repairing
  • Long shelf life of the product before opening - 1 year
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
PMRS - PMR TAPE RRT Roll 4,6 m R 20080
PMRS - BACKING FILM RBF Roll 3,6 m R 34370
PMRS - CLEANER RCN Bottle 125 ml R 34371
PMRS - FLEX RFX Double Cartouche 50 ml R 34372
PMRS - MIXER RMX Bag 12 Pieces R 34373
PMRSTPO RTO Double Cartouche 50 ml R 34374
PMRS - PRIMER RPR Spray 200 ml R 34375
PMRS - RIGID RRG Double Cartouche 50 ml R 34376
PMRS - Plastic & Metal Repair System PMRS Set - R 34377
PMRS - DISPENSER GUN RDG 1 Piece - R 34378
Safety data sheet - tpo, flex,... A pdf
Safety data sheet - tpo, flex,... B pdf
Safety data sheet PMRS - Primer pdf