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        E.S. Easy Sealimg
Multipurpose sealing and adhesive agent.

E.S. EASY SEAL was developed as a universal sealing and adhesive agent. It has excellent adhesion to most materials, including iron metals, light metals, wood, glass, marble, most plastics, construction materials, varnished surfaces, etc. It is used in a range of applications in construction, car repair, food industry, health services, assembly works, etc. It can also be used on sensitive materials (e.g. polysty-rene). Suitable to use on wet surfaces. Common applications include: sealing/glueing car bodywork and accessories, various assembly sealing/glueing, pipe sealing, etc.
The product is certified and complies with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 on ma-terials coming into incidental or indirect contact with food.
  • MS Polymer
  • Doesn't contain harmful solvents or isocyanates
  • Easy application by means of manual or air-driven extruding guns
  • Good resistance to UV rays
  • Good adhesive capacity
  • Resistant to vibrations, shocks and scratches
  • Long service life
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
E.S. Easy Seal - Black EASB Cartouche 290 ml R 34918
E.S. Easy Seal - White Cream EAS Cartouche 290 ml R 34919
Safety data sheet pdf
Technical Data Sheet pdf