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  • This product eliminates the necessity of maintaining a large stock of different types and sizes of seals.
  • Lubripack does not harden, dry out and ultimately very significantly extends service intervals - up to 10x!
  • A special composition of patented fibers makes Lubripack very strong and soft and flexible at the same time. This gives Lubripack many advantages.
  • Lubripack is easy to assemble and dismantle. It has been impregnated with graphite at very high pressure. This method of graphite impregnation is advantageous because the graphite does not make surfaces dirty.
  • Can be used on damaged surfaces, i.e. you can use Lubripack in the event that a shaft or housing is damaged. Lubripack eliminates these problems.
  • Lubripack is self-lubricating and is not affected by either high temperature or chemicals.
  • Lubripack is made from material that maintains heat very well. It is therefore able to deflect heat away from the shaft and thus significantly prolong shaft life.
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