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        Copper Greaseimg
Lubricant highly resistant to pressure and temperatures up to +1100 °C.

COPPER GREASE is a highly resistant, high temperature and pressure resistant lubricant. It is used for difficult to dismounting screw connections, hammer joints, pulleys, pins, joints, battery contacts, lubrication of heavy duty bearings etc. It is also used wherever it is necessary to avoid abrasion, corrosion and seizure in the long term.

  • Temperature resistance up to +1700 °C
  • It is resistant to water, chemical vapors, salt, weather
  • High pressure resistance
  • Contains metal particles with excellent lubricating properties
    Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
    Copper Grease PCG Pressure vessel 200 ml 1 34470
    Copper Grease 500 PCG500 plastic jar 500 g. 1 35005
    Safety data sheet pdf
    Safety data sheet - 500g pdf
    Technical Data Sheet pdf