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        Tea Tree Desinfectantimg
Liquid desinfection for hands.

Tea Tree Desinfectant is a broad-spectrum liquid hand disinfectant with a very effective antibacterial substance Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate and Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Desinfectant has a high disinfectant and antimicrobial effect without skin irritation. It is intended for repeated daily use for immediate hand disinfection regardless of the availability of water and wash-basin. Not suitable for disinfection of open wounds and mucous membrane. .

  • High disinfectant and antimicrobial effect
  • Provides immediate hand disinfection
  • It absorbs quickly and does not dry the skin
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil and Ethyl Lauroyl Arginat
Name Storage code Packing Size Order No.
Tea Tree Desinfectant TTD Bottle with Flip-Top cap 100 ml R 30280
Technical Data Sheet pdf
Certifikate pdf