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        Calc Remover Foodimg
CALC REMOVER - FOOD is acid mixture of active substances and tensides that destroy and remove calcareous sediments, scale and other technical dirt generated by effect of water. It is used for cleaning of the interior and exterior of tubes of cooling and water systems, but also for applications in food processing plants (e.g. cleaning of reservoirs, sanity) and in places requiring high level of hygiene (swimming pools, showers, saunas etc.). Cleaning is performed by spraying on the surface to be cleaned (exterior surfaces), by flush (interior walls of tubes of coolers and water systems) or by immersion (small parts). The effect can be multiplied by heating the product to 30°C to 40°C. The preparation is not aggressive against commonly used metals and plastics. It leaves perfectly clean surface after application.
  • quick and highly efficient remover of calcareous sediments and dirt
  • not aggressive against commonly used metals and plastics
  • suitable even for application in food processing plants (reservoirs, sanity) and swimming pools
  • simple application
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    Calc Remover Food RCRF20L Canister 20 l 1 35002
    Calc Remover Food RCRF1L Bottle 1 l 1 35003