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Hand Green Cleaner


Professional hand wash paste.

HAND GREEN CLEANER is a professional liquid hand wash paste, suitable for cleaning even heavily soiled skin. It easily and efficiently removes resistant substances such as oils, fats grease, soot, glues, paints, adhesives and more. It is suitable for repeated every day hand cleaning with no undesirable skin dryness. HAND GREEN CLEANER is used in heavy industry, workshops, auto repair, construction, agriculture and other industries.

  • High washing efficiency
  • Does not dry out hands
  • Does not contain microplastics
Hand Green Cleaner

Product Packing Size Order No.
Hand Green Cleaner Canister 6 kg R 34141
Hand Green Cleaner - Pump - 1 R 34142
Hand Green Cleaner - Holder - 1 R 34143
Hand Green Cleaner 450g Bottle 450g R 34144

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