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Moulding Tape


Very strong double-sided adhesive tape, able to adhere excellently toplastics, metal and painted surfaces. It combines high strength with nearlyno absorption of water unlike other foam tapes. The unique gluing systemprovides high tensile strength and resistance to peeling off.

  • Possible change of the position of glued parts before the final application
  • Formation of tightly closed cells
  • Resistant to softeners migrating from vinyl side strips
  • Wide range of temperatures from - 30°C to + 120°C

Moulding Tape 6.3 mm

Product Packing Size Order No.
Moulding Tape 6.3 mm Roll 6.3 mm x 15 m R 34000
Moulding Tape 25.4 mm Roll 25.4 mm x 15 m R 40521
Moulding Tape 15.8 mm Roll 15.8 mm x 15 m R 40520
Moulding Tape 12.7 mm Roll 12.7 mm x 15 m R 40519
Moulding Tape 9 mm Roll 9 mm x 15 m R 34118

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